Magic Keys of
         She took a step backward and threw the key on the ground. With the voice now shrieking at her, the young girl took another step back. Sweat trickled down her face as she struggled with the voice in her head, but she could feel the control of her limbs returning to her. Then the heavy door suddenly opened on its own to reveal a strange, weirdly colored world inside. Truly frightened now, the young girl began to turn around when a hand that looked more like a claw with its blood-red nails, reached from inside this smelly world and grabbed her gown. Before she could tear herself free, the hand pulled the young girl inside with tremendous force. The young girl screamed from deep inside as the big door shut in her face with a loud thud.
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The Magic Keys of Tanglewood
 Summer Camp
          With that, Calico turned around and growled at the soul eater. Barbara and Constance reluctantly resumed their flight. They knew their friend Calico had the only plan that would work. 

         The soul eater laughed and said, “Silly cat, you are a little ball of fur with tiny teeth and small claws. I will take your soul to Hades. I’ll enjoy smelling your fur burn in the eternal fires.” 

“Not before I tear out your red eyes,” Calico challenged. 

      The soul eater, now close to Calico, stopped and started taking enormous breaths. Calico’s soul began to move toward the beast, but Calico strongly held on to his soul, his entire soul body straining against the powerful beast. Soon a light appeared above Calico. 

     Calico, laughing, said, “Heaven has always been my destination. I’m not going to your world, soul eater. I’m going to heaven.”
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About the Author
Malcolm Chester
      I have self-published with this title seven books and one collection of short stories. Three of those books, including this one, fall in the category of juvenile to child fiction. Elysia published with Trafford is a gold seal title. I have a master's in child study and taught children with disabilities when I was young. I took creative writing classes as a college student. I also have two children and two grandchildren. I am a lawyer and represent companies before governments. In writing this book, I received help and guidance from my wife's eleven-year-old grandniece, who wants to be a writer someday. She approached me with the idea of the locks on a fence, which she sees everyday on her way to school. The story took off from there.
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