About the Author

Malcolm Chester

I took creative writing classes as a college student. I also have two children and two grandchildren. I am a lawyer and represent companies before governments. In writing this book, I received help and guidance from my wife's eleven-year-old grandniece, who wants to be a writer someday. She approached me with the idea of the locks on a fence, which she sees everyday on her way to school. The story took off from there.

            Malcolm Chester has a lifelong interest in writing fiction, which he reads with some regularity.  He earned a bachelor’s degree from Brown in political science and a masters degree in child study from Tufts early in his career.  He minored in creative writing while in college.  Later in life, the author earned a Juris Doctorate degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology.  He has been a public affairs executive at a major corporation and has continued to work in this area as a consultant while also practicing law.  This is the author’s fourth published work, having written science fiction, political drama and pre-teen fantasy books.
           I have self-published with this title seven books and one collection of short stories. Three of those books, including this one, fall in the category of juvenile to child fiction. Elysia published with Trafford is a gold seal title. I have a master's in child study and taught children with disabilities when I was young.